Vipin Agnihotri ready to shoot his new Bollywood movie “Parichay” Says, ‘I Want To Be The Best’

The role of a film director is considered to be the most complicated and highlighted responsibilities. It is an avid part of filmmaking because getting the best out of artist alongside  time management are the main factors in the Bollywood  that makes the world go round. Directors are therefore important professionals in the making and release of a masterpiece of filmmaking. One such name who masters this art is Vipin Agnihotri- Award winning film director who has gathered commendable name in the world of films.

He had a dream of making a name in the industry and by far has achieved his dream being a renowned face already and the talk of the town. When asked about the same and his projects he said, “Coming from Lucknow, it was a challenge initially but things changed when my film Zindagi Unlimited released and garnered positive response from all quarters. The shoot of my next movie “Parichay” is going to start from January, with casting going on in full swing.”

When asked about his journey so far Vipin Agnihotri states, “It’s all about hard work and how much you are ready to give to the industry. The journey isn’t easy you will have a number of hurdles to cross. You will fall and fall over and over again but the thing which Is important is that even if you fall do you get up and keep moving forward or no. Also I love my work I love to be a part of different projects and explore the world of cinema. This is my passion and I will continue to deliver the best of the best for people.”

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