PUNE’S RENOWNED CELEBRITY MAKEUP ARTIST SAUMYA DIXIT With a contact book filled with many celebrity clients, Saumya Dixit is the go-to makeup artist in Pune. Having had a passion for art since she was young, she has gone on to create countless iconic looks. So, what’s her secret to success? Hard work, determination and a lot of key networking. As a child, She loved to draw and paint.

She didn’t know then that she would be fortunate enough to turn her passion into the career she has today; she just truly loved and enjoyed it. She is humbled to be able to bring someone’s inner transformation to the surface and helping them feel and look as beautiful as they are. She feels really blessed to get to work with celebrities like Rahul Roy, Varsha Usgaonkar, Pritam Singh, Mehul Bhojak and many others. She quotes “Everybody that I’ve worked with is extremely lovely, humble and down to earth. 

Less is more when it comes to makeup. Your makeup should mirror your elegance”. She wears multiple feathers in her cap. She is not only a fashion groomer but also a social activist. Whilst working as a MUA for an array of celebrities, shows and magazines, Saumya also finds the time to share her knowledge in masterclasses. For more, follow saumyaglam on instagram and facebook.

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