Hummer Enthusiasts Gather Kanto Meeting of Hummer 2 All Japan club

Debuted in 2003. the Hummer H2 was the toned down version of the military-use Hummer H1 which was a proven success in forces. Just like original model it was based on the H2 was believed to be a successful off-road SUV vehicle but the exotic looks and the hefty price tag it accompanied didn’t really make the H2 appealing to off-road enthusiasts. Instead, the true Hummer enthusiasts and the rich bought the Hummer H2 for everyday. road use.

This created quite a few problems in the road legal Humvee which made many automobile enthusiasts regard the H2 as a relative failure. Despite being a downsized version of H1. the H2 was still massive and for many it was too big to be used as a normal SUV. The size alone made it harder to parallel park and steer. especially out of tights spots such as garage doors. Despite the massive ground clearance the cockpit was rather small and many found the headroom and cargo space of the H2 to be too small for their liking. Add painstakingly low fuel efficiency. short list of luxury features, mediocre interior, and lack of successor versions. and the H2 soon became a model that someone would think twice before investing in.

Unless of course. you are a true Humvee enthusiast. Despite the long list of shortcomings of the H2, the SUV has quite a fanbase who adores the iconic design and the metal hunk look of the automobile. The original interior and the luxury features might be below-par for a car that expensive but the H2 is a quite modify-friendly and with the right imagination and skills, the possíbilities are almost endless. Enthusiasts normally upgrade their H2 by packing a few more horses under the hood and bedazzling the interior and exterior of the car. When it comes to the modifying the exterior and interior. nothing is really off limits.

One good thing about the H2 is that you really can’t go overboard with the amount of ad-ons. Whatever upgrade you do. the H2 can pull it off easily. Think pink is not the ideal colour for a pure muscle off- road Humvee? Think again. Ever thought too much gold makes the Humvee less attractive? Absolutely not. In short, there is almost nothing you can do to this manly” car that it cannot pull off. This versatility in modifying also has made the H2 a popular car among enthusiasts. despite it was discontinued 11 years ago in 2009. Once in a way, enthusiasts gather with their. Humvees and share knowledge.

mingle, talk, and allow the general public to enjoy the modified Hummers. Although there aren’t that many hummers in Sri Lanka. in the countries where the Hummer is popular these get- togethers are quite frequent and they attract a large number of modified and non-modified Hummers. One such gathering took place recently in Chuo Ward.

Chiba and Nasushiobara. Tochigiin in Japan which saw the participation of Hummer 2 All Japan (H2AJ) club. Among the Humvees that were showcased in these events, one particular gold- coloured H2 stood out for its blinding paint job. Chrome fittings. and modified Lambo doors that open upwards, this particular H2 was easily catching the attention of many who have gathered to admire the muscle cars.

Ones who have inspected the H2 up close must have spotted the two flags on the two front ends of the H2. One was a black-and-white flag with a skull on it and the other is a vibrant multi-colour flag which depicted a loin holding a sword. You guessed correctly,

it is the flag of Sri Lanka. The particular much loved modified Hummer H2 is owned by the Sri Lankan-born businessman who now lives in Japan, chaminda Ichikawa.

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