ACME Entertainment launches All Girl Reality Show “Girl Power”

ACME Entertainment is going to change the Reality TV scene in India with their latest All Girl Reality Show titled “Girl Power”.

Brainchild of Raj Mehta and award winning Director Vipin Agnihotri, this show will feature 12 girls showcasing their potential through various tasks. Girl Power is touted to be the biggest and the most fearless reality show where 12 talented girls will be put together in a resort for 10 days.

It is being claimed to be the India’s first All Girl Reality Show. It promises to be an engaging captive reality show with all the ingredients that will keep you glued to your seat. Compelling tasks, dramatic fights, and an interesting mix of contestants who will do anything & everything to survive is the perfect amalgamation of entertainment.

Speaking about Girl Power, Vipin Agnihotri & Raj Mehta said, “We are glad to announce India’s biggest and the most fearless reality show Girl Power. Girl Power is being launched on a massive scale and has all the elements that make for an entertaining reality show. The concept of the show is brilliant, and I am sure that it will captivate the viewers and set a new standard for reality shows. We are going to create history with Girl Power and that it will be a roaring success.”

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