800 kg of drugs seized from international sea area near Gujarat

In a joint operation carefully planned by NCB and Indian Navy in High Seas, NCB officials have successfully seized around 529 kg of very high quality of hashish, 234 kg of finest quality of crystal Methamphetamine and some quantity of Heroin. The cost of the drugs seized in the international market is around Rs. 2000 Cr. This is the first such operation in which the apprehension has been made in high seas. The input regarding trafficking of drugs in high seas was developed by NCB and was shared with Naval Intelligence Unit, leading to a joint operation. Special Unit of NCB Headquarters have been continuously working on various such intelligence inputs and it will be our endeavour to carry out more such operations in collaboration with Naval forces. The present seizure has dealt a telling blow to drug syndicates based out of our neighboring country and using maritime route for proliferation of drugs in India and other countries.

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